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What Do We believe?

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People often ask us just what we believe. To answer this question, 40 points of doctrine have been prepared, which cover the principle teachings of the Church of God. Although the truth is to be found in the Bible and although we do not claim these 40 points of doctrine to be infallible, they give a good overview of what as a local body of believer we stand for and why.  

40 Points of Doctrine

These points of beliefs represent years and even lifetimes of study of the Scriptures on the part of dedicated people of God, who devoted their lives to “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” They are and have been the teaching of the Church of God for generations, and are in harmony with the doctrine as taught by Christ and apostles in the early days of the Church.

All of these points of belief have been taken directly from the Bible … God’s Holy Word … Which is our only guide; and scriptural references are given after each one. Tracts are available on most of the subjects, and more information can be obtained either by writing to the address at the back of this pamphlet or by contacting us through this website.

pdf 40 Points of Doctrine

Mount Zion Church of God (7th Day) Winnipeg